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The SAR Fund



  Donations to The SAR Fund may be      made  in honor or in memory of the        2018 Special Award Recipients or a      specific individual. 



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Return a completed donation form to the SAR office:

SAR Fund Donation Form (PDF)   •   SAR Fund Donation Form (Word)



The SAR Fund supports the advancement of abdominal radiology research, education and practice.
Your generous contribution will enable the SAR to invest in research and education for the improvement
of patient care and advancement our sub-specialty. Your individual gift is very valuable and will
strengthen the society and help ensure the future of abdominal radiology.

Donations to The SAR Fund may be made in honor or in memory of a specific individual. We invite you to
join your colleagues in making a tax-deductible donation to The SAR Fund today. All donors are recognized
on the SAR website and at the annual meeting. You will also have the opportunity to make a contribution
during the online registration process for the SAR Annual Scientific Meeting and Educational Course.


NEW! Travel Scholarship for Trainees:

All fellows, residents and medical students are eligible for the Travel Scholarship for Trainees provided
for oral presentation of a scientific abstract at the annual meeting.  
This $1,000 scholarship is sponsored
by the SAR Fund, and is awarded based on merit of the abstract.




The Society of Abdominal Radiology would like to thank all donors for their
generosity and support of the SAR Fund. 

From the initiation of The Fund, to future endeavors,

the support of these contributors is a vital part of the Society's role in the

advancement of abdominal radiology research, education and practice.


Archive of SAR Fund Contributors:  

2016-2017    2015-2016    2014-2015  •  2013-2014


April 2017 - March 2018

most recent donors


Dr. Scott Lipson

Dr. Michael Savino

Dr. Marco Amendola, in memory of Dr. Howard M. Pollack

Dr. Anthony Minotti

Dr. Victoria Chernyak

Dr. Venkat Katabathina

Dr. Antonio Westphalen

Dr. Rakhee Goel

Dr. Steven Raman

Dr. Lloyd Greek

Dr. Eleanor Clark

Dr. Martha Kearns

Dr. Jorge Soto

Dr. Alexander Guimaraes, in memory of Dr. Juergen Willman

Dr. Matthew Pollack, in memory of Dr. Howard M. Pollack

Dr. Kumaresan Sandrasegaran

Dr. William M. Thompson, in memory of Dr. Charles Moreau Thompson


. . .


Dr. Faith Akisik

Dr. Kamran Ali 

Dr. Howard J. Ansel

Dr. Dennis Balfe, in memory of Dr. Richard Baron

Dr. Mustafa R. Bashir

Dr. Deborah Baumgarten

Dr. Genevieve L. Bennett

Dr. Stuart Bentley-Hibbert

Dr. Michael Blake

BNY Mellon Legal TIP, in memory of Jack Thornbury

Dr. Giles Boland

Dr. Ronald Boyd

Dr. Andrew Bowman

Dr. Susie Carter

Dr. Laura Carucci, in memory of Dr. Igor Laufer

Dr. Melanie P. Caserta

Dr. Hersh Chandarana, in memory of Dr. Michael Macari

Dr. Silvia Chang

Dr. Peter L. Choyke, in memory of Dr. Carl Sandler

Dr. Richard Lee Clark, in memory of Dr. Martin Donner

Dr. Allen Cohen, in memory of Dr. Edward R. Dana

Dr. John Cronan, in memory of Dr. Howard Pollack

Dr. Andrew B. Crummy, in memory of Dr. John R. Thornbury

Dr. Nancy S. Curry, in memory of Dr. Mort Bosniak

Dr. Terry Desser, in memory of Dr. F. Graham Sommer

Dr. Ted Dubinsky

Dr. James Ellis, in memory of Dr. Melvyn T. Korobkin

Dr. Mike Federle

Dr. Joel G. Fletcher, in honor of Dr. C. Daniel Johnson

Dr. Angela Fried

Dr. Namita Gandhi

Dr. Lori Makowski Gettle

Dr. Marc J. Gollub, in memory of Dr. Michael Macari

Dr. Ulrike M. Hamper

Dr. Elizabeth Hecht

Dr. Matthew Heller

Dr. Mauricio Hertz

Dr. Susan Hilton

Dr. Aya Kamaya

Dr. Susan Hilton, in memory of Dr. Melyvn Korobkin

Dr. Ronald Hublall, Dr. Randolph Hublall

Dr. David Kim

Dr. Bernard Francis King, in memory of Dr. Jack Thornbury

Dr. Christina LeBedis

Dr. James Lee

Dr. Jay Lerman

Dr. Errol Lewis, in memory of Dr. Marc Lapayowker

Dr. John Leyendecker

Dr. Meghan Lubner

Dr. Melvy Mathew, in memory of Dr. Mary Abraham

Dr. Katherine Maturen, in memory of Dr. Saroja Adusumilli

Dr. William W. Mayo-Smith

Dr. Alec Megibow

Dr. Chad Miller

Dr. Frank Miller, in memory of Dr. Richard Baron

Dr. David Moody

Dr. Desiree Morgan, in memory of Dr. Richard Baron

Dr. Peter Mueller

Dr. Jeffrey H. Newhouse

Dr. Refky Nicola

Dr. Paul Nikolaidis

Dr. Nicholas Papanicolaou

Dr. Erik Paulson, in memory of Dr. Reed Rice

Dr. David Paushter

Margie and George Reading, in memory of Dr. Jack Thornbury

Dr. Shuchi Rodgers

Dr. Michael Rosenthal

Dr. Christopher Roth

Dr. Kumaresan Sandrasegaran

Dr. Kewalee Sasiwimonphan

Dr. Nicola Schieda

Dr. Francis J. Scholz, in memory of Dr. Igor Laufer

Dr. Dmitri Segal

Dr. Aarti Sekhar

Dr. Sheila Sheth

Dr. Anup Shetty

Dr. Stuart Silverman

Dr. Claude Sirlin, in memory of Dr. Richard Baron

Dr. Jorge Soto

Dr. Robert Joseph Stanley, in memory of Drs. Mort Bosniak and Glenn Hartman

Dr. Maryelle Sun

Dr. An Tang

Dr. Sree Harsha Tirumani

Dr. William M. Thompson, in memory of Dr. Reed Rice

Tom and Lorene Thornbury, in memory of Dr. Jack Thornbury

Thomas Thornbury, in memory of Dr. Jack Thornbury

Richard and Anne Tryon, in memory of Dr. Jack Thornbury

Dr. Mary Ann Turner

Dr. Kazuhiko Ueda

Dr. Jennifer Uyeda

Dr. Kris Van Lom

Dr. Terri Vrtiska

Dr. Carolyn Wang, in memory of Dr. Douglas Green

Dr. Neil F. Wasserman, in memory of Dr. Nargis Pate

Dr. Zhen Jane Wang

Dr. Nicole Winkler

Dr. Daniele Wiserman, in memory of Dr. Mark Landis

Dr. Ellen L. Wolf, in memory of Dr. Bernard S. Wolf

Dr. Jade J. Wong-You-Cheong

Dr. Ronald Jay Zagoria, in honor of Dr. Ray Dyer




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